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About Us


Incorporated in 2009, Emirates First Group is a well-organized professional team of trade experts indulged in diverse businesses which includes Cafes, Hobby Flowers and Business development. For the founders, business is not just an activity but an obligation that mandates customer satisfaction and superiority in provisions. Within just a short timeframe, the companywhich is ingrained in Abu Dhabi has emerged as one of the most reputed brands in UAE and has acquired a significant customer base. Providing customers with best value for money, the team here always remains with an eagle’s eye to analyse trend, gauge customer expectations and make available products, services and solutions that meet the highest standards of class. In addition to the insightful decision making skills and adequate investments, one of the main factors that attributes to the company’s incessant prosperity is the enduring effort put in by the workforce. Emirates First Group has more than 200 staffs of different nationalities and by this the company gets opportunity to conceive inspirations from diverse characteristics. Every staff who works for Emirates First Group is selected very carefully and even after selection process, they are given proper training which assures the best possible output from them. The company is very much concerned about the quality parameters and by all possible means take adequate measures to assure the same. The whole company managerial functionalities are aground on a shrewdly instituted plans and this oils the machinery of complete proceedings. Having garnered huge appreciation and wide acceptance, the company endeavours to assure the most affordable and greatest class of products and services to the ever expanding clientele in the backdrop of professional ethics. Emirates First Group has great plans ahead to venture into some prolific niches while maintaining the same prominence to values which has been fuelling the undertaking ever since it started operating.